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Avahi contributor contributes

November 27, 2006

Trent Lathiat Lloyd, from the Avahi project, has chipped in, not $20, but $50! Woot. Thanks Trent!

Current progress: $4700/$10000

… who is going to push us over $5000? Hopefully, we will find out soon!

Time Management for System Administrators author helps

November 27, 2006

the book

OK, we’re trying something new. Tom Limoncelli, author of Time Management for System Administrators, has donated a signed copy of his book. All we have to do it eBay it, and he will take care of the rest.

So, if you are interested in getting something in return for your donation: bid on the auction.

LUG’r helps

November 24, 2006

David Brown, fellow OSU LUG’r, has donated $50! Thanks David, and happy thanksgiving!

Current progress: $4650/$10000

Mozillian helps

November 24, 2006

Mike Shaver has donated $100! That’s $114 CAD! Thanks Shaver!

Current progess: $4600/$10000

At $4500!!!

November 24, 2006

Carsten Giessmann has donated $100 putting us at $4500! Thanks Carsten!

Current progress: $4500/$10000

Things are looking good …

November 24, 2006

… with the help of Ben Kaufman and his donation of $20! Thanks Ben!

Current progress: $4400/$10000

Big brother helps out

November 24, 2006

Matthew Duncombe, of videocast awesomeness, has donated $20! Thanks!!

Current progress: $4380/$10000

Just over $4350…

November 21, 2006

… with the help of Stefan Iaru and his donation of $20! Every bit helps. Thanks Stefan!

Current progress: $4360/$10000

Kernel Hacker donates

November 20, 2006

Arnd Bergmann, Linux cell processor guru (the thing that is in the PS3), has donated $25. Thanks Arnd!!

Current progress: $4340/$10000

Geek of Computer Science donates

November 20, 2006

Paul Wayper, GCS d-(–) s+:- a C++(++++)$ UIS++$ P+ L(+++) !E W++ N+ o K w++++()$>— !O M V– PS+ PE- Y+ PGP+ t 5 !X- R tv? b++(+++) DI++ D G e++>+++ h r y, has chipped in $40! Thanks Paul!

Current progress: $4315/$10000